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Domestic Fuse Board Upgrade

Property Improve are specialists at upgrading and replacing consumer units. These are also known as fuse boards or fuse boxes. We provide this service for our customers in Edinburgh and The Lothians.

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Fuse Boards, Fuse Boxes, Consumer Units

What are the dangers when you have a faulty or outdated fuse board:

  • Risk of fire
  • Electric shocks
  • Damage to cables
  • Damage to electrical equipment

New Regulations, you may need a fuse board upgrade

As of January 2016 all fuse boards have to comply with the new AMD3 Bs7671 legislation. Regulation 421.1.201 was introduced because of reports from fire investigators of a recent trend of increasing numbers of fires involving consumer units having a moulded thermoplastic enclosure (plastic). Bs7671 publication on fuse boards.

How to Check your fusebox

It’s important to check your fuse box is working properly and doesn’t need upgrading/replacing. Here’s a checklist of things to look out for to see if you need a fuse board upgrade:

  • All fuseboxes should have a main switch, fuses and/or circuit breakers.
  • Your fuse box should NOT have a wooden back, cast iron switches or what looks like a mix of different fuseboxes.
  • If your circuit-breakers trip or fuses regularly blow, then it’s worth getting them checked by a registered electrician.
  • Your fuse board should meet the current BS 7671 regulations

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Customers’ reviews

Job well done! Was selling my house and needed a fusebox upgrade for the home report came out same day done all the work and issued me certificate very happy customer 😉

— Stacey Alcorn

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